Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Taylor Robbins Talks about winning at Bowman Gray Stadium

When Taylor Robbins won the Street Stock race at Bowman Gray Stadium on May 14th she became the first woman in 18 years to win at the track and only the 3rd in track history. I took Shelley Roupas to do a sit down interview with Robbins for on of Shelley's "Good For Her" segments.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Reality Heaven

Since my last visit to my much neglected blog...I've been terribly busy.

I've produced 5, or is it 6, Reality Specials since January.

My favorite 2 put me right in my idea of Heaven....Auto Racing.

In May I put together a 3 part special on Bowman Gray Stadium, better known as The Madhouse.

Back in March I went to Bristol for the NASCAR race weekend and did segments following RCR Driver Kevin Harvick.

Take a peek into my piece of Heaven....

Friday, February 15, 2013

My New Reality (Show)

When the bosses came to me with the idea of a locally shot reality series featuring characters from the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina I was all in.

My first assignment, spend 2 days riding with an Animal Control officer, see what you get, and produce 5, 2 minute stories and a 15 minute special. No problem.

I spent 16 hours riding the streets of Guilford County and Greensboro with Alexis Bennett, a well seasoned Animal Control Officer in Guilford County, who also happens to be quite the character.

I shot 7 hours of footage with my JVC-750 and 2 GoPro HD Cameras.

After about 60 hours confined in the edit bay - not in a row - but over the course of about 2 weeks - I had all the segments ready to air. One story in the 6 O'Clock news every day and a 15 minute special on Thursday at 10:45.

Next up - Another Reality Special - "Treasure or Trash" - with an even shorter turn around time. Let's Go!

Here's the 2 part 15 minutes special. (which clocks in at 12 and a half minutes.)

Hello Blog, I've Missed You, or Have I?

It's been more than a year since I've posted on the blog.

Who's fault is that?  I say it's Facebook and Twitter's fault.  But I'll also take responsibility.

I'll also try to post more here.  Hell, it's easier to post some things here than on Facebook.

While you're hear....take a look at's one of my recent projects...FOX8 Reality - Animal Control.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In Training

A whole new generation of cameramen are prepping to take over in a few short years.

Camera / Sex

How do you know if your video camera is male or female?  Well, mine has two nuts!

A Year, REALLY!?

I can't believe it's been a year since I posted to the blog. Twitter and Facebook have hijacked my social media time. I promise, I'll get it going again. I really should.

Since I last posted I've covered the Daytona 500, Hurricane Irene and the 9/11 10th anniversary from Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

It was a fun 2011 and I'm hoping the same for 2012.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

This is Gonna Hurt

As a photojournalist I put my self into situations where I may get hurt. That comes with the job.

From flying in stunt planes to hanging off the back of a car to get the low angle tire through themud puddle shots...not to mention those side of the interstate Live Shots or that sliding on the ice stuff I pulled off a few weeks ago.

But the silliness that ensued today beats just about all I've ever seen...and I got an up close be the judge....


We were there to check out the condition of the horses on this man's land. We had received tips about the horses not being fed regularly and living in bad conditions so we went out there Wednesday with a local elected official and a representative from the U.S. Equine Rescue league.

The Equine expert has been trying to get local law enforcment officials to charge the man who owns the horses with neglect so the Equine League can seize the horses. But according to the Sheriff's Department and the District Attorney the horses have water and shelter and every time they've checked there's been food there too.

That's all well and good except for all the good people of the area who feel sorry for the horses and feed and water them....and other neighbor's say this man shows up everytime he gets wind of an impending investigatory look.

There are some water barrels on the property and who am I to say the man doesn't feed his animals. That's why we were there, early in our investigative process, to see if local authorities had taken a close enough look, to keep the officials in check.

So today we went back out there to see if the horses had water or food today. The horses had been given water.(we think the local elected offical and the equine rescue lady gave them the water)...but there was no ssign of any food.

A few minutes into gathering some Day 2 video the man shows up....he has the bucket and the stick. He had been tipped off by a neighbor that we were there.

I knew when he jumped out of the car I may be in trouble....all I could think is...."Uh, Oh...this is gonna hurt."

He swung a few times hitting me on the lower right leg calf muscle and then on my camera lens as he swung the stick higher.

He left this mark on my leg...It's a nice bruise...but otherwise I'm fine.

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He was charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Damage to Property. He was arrested and given a $5,000 bond.

UPDATE - More Use of the Video -

Fox News ran it all day - is using it - with lots of views I might add -

Hillbilly Attacks News Cameraman With A Stick - Watch more Funny Videos

And here's a LONGER YOUTUBE version that has about a 2 minute section in the middle before he comes over to the can hear him yelling the wwhole time.

And many stations around the nation are picking up the story.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Obama and the Intern

Back in 2006 I was lucky enough to be the local TV Pool Photographer when President George W. Bush came to Greensboro. (Read about it HERE)

Presidential Visit (36)Pres gets off plane

That ranks up there as one of the coolest things I've ever done. I rode in a van in the motorcade following the leader of the free world from event to event, standing just feet from him in some instances to capture the moments on video.

Presidential Visit (10)Presidential Visit (17)

On Monday I was assigned again to cover the President. This time President Obama was arriving at PTI to visit Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem.

Obama PTI - Dec 2010 - (17)

My duties this day were soley to provide LIVE video to my staion of Air Force One's arrival and departure and if possible shoot a story for the evening news. The logistics of the day and security mandates by the secret service made the latter an impossibility.

Air Force One

Our day started at 6AM. I picked up the Live truck and Intern Carolyn at the station and we parked at PTI and gave our morning show several LIVE pictures as the hue of the skyline went from dawn to day.

Obama PTI - Dec 2010 - (1)

By 8 we were in full security clearance mode, being told where we would stand and when by the plain clothed officers responsible for keeping the President on-time and alive.

Obama PTI - Dec 2010 - (13)

Logistical silliness aside it was the Frigid Temperatures that posed the biggest obsitcle. Never rising above freezing and accompanied by a winter wind for the ages, there were times when my thigh muscle felt like a human vibrator as it tried to keep my core temperature at sustainable levels.

Air Force One

Live through Obama's arrival and the motorcade departed, we were allowed to take a breather in the warm confines of the ComAir break room. The fun started all over again when the President was on approach for departure.

Obama PTI - Dec 2010 - (48)

Live for the departure was much quicker. Obama jumped on the plane and the 747 rolled out. Personally I think the pilot of that jumbo jet would make a great truck driver after seeing that wide right turn he made to get that thing off the tarmac and onto the runway.

Air Force One

And just like that we had to pack up our equipment and we were done.

Air Force One

Except I had another shoot lined up in just a few hours and my day was still 4 hours from done.

Air Force One

Other than the excitement of seeing that 747 and the President, it was just another day.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Think Quick - You're a Photog

As a news photog deadline approaches faster than a runaway train in a Hollywood Blockbuster and when you add a Live Shot to it you may as well fast forward to the end of the movie.

Our Live Shot Location was farther from the truck than I had extension cords (or time) to run, and my on camera light was convienently not with me in the live truck so in a flash of - WTF do I do now - I zip tied a handheld, battery powered, spotlight to the umbrella pole on my light kit.

Light in in a pinch

That whole mess started 4 hours earlier.

When water began spewing steadily out of the ground on a main thoroughfare today in Kernersville I was quickly dispatched to the scene.

I was less than a mile away...doing an interview at town hall with the Mayor about the passing of a former Mayor. My quick arrival made for an easy grab but as I disected the situation I determined I'd better get more than the obligatory 15 seconds of pun intended.

After about 20 minutes shooting every conceivable angle I made the call...and told the desk it would be a great nightside story....they could do 5 an 6 o'clock live shots during rush hour because it was only 2 and the roads were already backed up.

I stowed my gear and drove the footage back to the station. As I was loading that footage and the other 2 stories I had shot earlier I was given my next assigment. Drive the 20 minutes back to the watermain break with a reporter for 5 and 6.

With the traffic at a standstill and me sitting on the exit ramp at 4:52 I knew making the top of the 5 was a no go. But I didn't want it to be much later. I pulled from the right turn lane into the straight lane and passed all the traffic bottled up because there was only 1 lane feeding the rush hour beast today.

I made the right...right across the bows of cars coming from the right and the left....threading the livetruck into a space my Explorer shouldn't have fit.

I didn't look for any fingers...or listen for any horns...I had the parking lot nearest the gusher in sight. I set up the truck. Dialed the IFB. And we were on at 5.....12. First story in the B-Block.


We did it again at 6....with my rigged up light kit. It was pretty flawless. The crews were just getting ready to get started digging. They had to work all night.