Sunday, September 09, 2007

Chris Daughtry

LA TRIP (27)

I was please to see Chris Daughtry performing Saturday Night before NASCAR race in Richmond. Kind of fitting for the Chevy Rock n Roll 400.

LA TRIP (36)

But it was less than a year ago when Chris Daughtry himself scoffed at the idea of singing his tunes at a NASCAR Race.

LA TRIP (38)

It was back in October while I was in Los Angeles shooting the segment on Daughtry putting the finishing touches of his album that this fact came to life.

LA TRIP (56)

The Phoenix race was on TV that night and the guys in the band weren't really watching anything so we tuned in to the race.

LA TRIP (57)

But with a little further discussion I found out that that Chris Daughtry, North Carolina southern boy, from right here in NASCAR Country, had never really followed, cared for or worried about NASCAR. Neither did the rest of the crew.

LA TRIP (43)

I think my comment to him at that point was something like, "You need to go to a race, you'll love it" and "NASCAR fans would love you."

I think I may have been on to something. Hmm.