Wednesday, October 31, 2007

News Car Wars
Fight Fire with...

In response to my recent article about a Durham TV Station's new mobile news gathering vehicle their competition in Raleigh has scrambled to put together their own mobile news gathering machine plus some.

And since their parent company is known for their extra-orbital prowess how fitting that their vehicle is equipped to communicate with the Geo-Stationary orbs that we refer to as the birds.

Here it is....Redneck 1.

Reneck One

I hear it's going to cater to the newsgathering of the far reaches of the Raleigh Market down into Eastern NC, where pickup will let you fit right in.

No word on what kind of technologically advanced equipment is behind the darkened glass but I do hear there's a CB in it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

My Garage
AKA Man Cave

Here is the source of my lack of blogging as of late...

My Garage

I've personally built (almost) this whole thing from hand from the ground up. I only hired guys to do the blocks and concrete and then to help me lift the walls and install the garage door.

Pouring Footers (3)

My neighbor has helped me do heavy lifting, critical thinking(fixing mistakes) and even lets me borrow his tools and traler.

My Garage

My Garage

Heck, he even came over one day when I was at work and put a roof panel or two in place hoping I could join him and finish before the monsoon set in this week. No such luck and it got really wet in there!

Barn Roof

Now I have to hire guys to put the shingles on, but the rest is all on me. Insulation, Electricity, trims and I'm finishing the upstairs to make it a home office/ man cave.


There's still a long way to go but I hope to have it done by Christmas.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


The title of this blog is not an event that's causing chaos in the greater Piedmont Triad, it's the name of a new, yellow, not a taxi-cab, news gathering beast. See Picture now.

Breaking News 1

The Toyota FJ belongs to WTVD ABC 11 in Durham and we got a sneek peak here in High Point as Ron Wick was headed back to Durham after getting a fresh new set of decals here in town.

Breaking News 1

The vehicle is equipped with a police/fire scanner, two dash mounted lipstick cameras, microphones, a switcher and other accessories to enable Televsion broadcasting.

Breaking News 1

The lipstick cameras are mounted on the dash, one forward looking, one facing the passenger seat. They are switchable on the fly and a microphone is hooked inline and it all feeds to a laptop computer that can feed the video and audio via a wireless broadband internet connection.

Breaking News 1

I don't know if the photogs at WTVD are lining up to be the first to go live at 70 MPH, but it does sound interesting to me, but I'm a classic AV geek. :)

Breaking News 1

The ICEE is not included in the standard package.

Friday, October 05, 2007

blackberry blog

I need to blog more. Maybe I would if I had a blackberry.

I am writing this using Caron's new blackberry.

I might have to get one.

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