Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Losing a Partner
Caron Myers

A reporter who I helped bring on board at WGHP in 2002 and worked with exclusively in the Davidson County Bureau until about 3 years ago, is leaving Fox 8.

Chris Liveshot

Caron Myers is leaving to go into the public sector as the Director of Community Services for the Alamance-Burlington(NC) School System.

Live Shot

Lenslinger and I have both written funny stories about our outings with Caron over the 7 years she has been with us but this time the story is that she's indeed decided to follow the Public Relations money trail. And I'm not sure I blame her...More money, 8 hour workdays, holidays off, what's not to love? (Beside's being able to traverse the Greater Piedmont Triad with a camera and mic and talk to all kinds of interesting people everyday?)

Pre-Live-Caron (2)

Caron's threatened to call it a career in news several times before but this time I think she's found a fit with a group of professionals who will really appreciate her outspoken charm and endless energy more than even this hungry photog ever could.


She's a hard nosed, deep digging reporter who's TV work has to be shallower than she could ever dig to meet the time contraints of Broadcast News. Caron's never met a stranger and is never afraid to knock on any door and talk to whoever answers in whatever neighborhood. She prides herself on her electronic rolodex and could probably open a 411 call center from it. She had a rapor with the law enforcement community that couldn't be rivaled by even the most bubbly blonde talking head.

Caron Cheesing

And even though I probably haven't properly thanked her enough for everything she's ever done for me as a friend and co-worker I have to say that the experience of working with Caron Myers had been life altering. Whether it was when we flew to Miami for the retirement of her famous NASCAR husband Chocolate Myers, or all the time spent accompanying her to death's door, every day with Caron was entertaining, if not, enlightening.

bobby allison and chris

I also have to say she's led me by the hand into the NASCAR machine. Lunch with NASCAR Legend Bobby Allison, an interview with the late NASCAR Chairman Bill France Junior, several interviews with NASCAR Team owner Richard Childress and many other lasting contacts within the NASCAR Community are just a perk of working closely with Caron.

tville train and caron

The biggest thanks I have to give is for all the work Caron and Chocolate did to host my wedding at their house in Lexington. They spent untold time preparing their yard for the 2004 event, leaving no stone unturned. For that I thank them both. I will one day figure out a way to repay that debt!

chris chocolate julie

Even though she only has three days left inside WGHP, I'm sure we'll be in contact for school stories, and I'm certain I'll visit her at the lake....at least every 4th of July

High Rock camera caron 2

I wish her the best of luck in her new position entertaining bored reporters on slow news days....and who knows...maybe she'll pull and Ingram. (that's an inside joke that I can't talk about :-))

For now, I leave you with this...a glimpse at how Caron and I bent the time space continuuum.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Things We Do for Money

I was answering some questions from a college student the other night about what sparked my interest in photography and it reminded me of a picture of me with my Uncle James.

Chris Young with Vid Cam sharp

Uncle James had brought this new fangled video camera to town with it's umbilicaled recording deck. In the picture, there I am with hand on hip in my knew high striped tube socks, taking in all the 1984 technology hoping to get my hands on it.

Flash forward 19 years to 1994...I'm a 1 year rookie News Photographer...getting to do things people pay to do...and they're PAYING ME TO DO THIS!

flying with redbarrons

I was flying front seat in the open cockpit stearman with the Red Barron demo team on a media flight to preview a local airshow...and help them sell pizza. I was living the high life. A local still photog took the picture from the other plane and we traded video for photo.

Funny thing is...the only thing that stands out for me that day was that a package of stickers flew out of my pocket. The were neon orange photo mailing stickers that said "Photos, Do Not X-Ray".

That was the first of the many special experiences for me that make up the life of TV News Photographers everywhere.

I have gone on to do a lot of things you can't even pay to do in airplanes, racecars, motorcades and more.

I don't really know what sparked my interest in Photography, I just know I love it, stills and TV, and that it may not pay like a banker, but I'm the richest guy in the world for the things I get to see and do.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dirty Jobs - Boat Wreck
Cameras SUNK

I've heard about it but never seen it...the long lost episode of Dirty Jobs in which the crew crashes a boat and sinks $100,000 worth of video equipment.

I was wasn't expecting to see it tonight while watching the episode about gathering Alligator eggs...but when it came to that point in the show I knew instantly what it was and I sat up and paid attention.

(watch to the end for a rundown of what they lost)