Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowgasm 2010 - storm of the decade? lol!

Admittedly this is the best snow we've had around these parts in .... well... about a month...but as a season, this is the best snow we've had in YEARS.

Thomasville Snow before Sunrise

I jumped headlong into it this time...after being caught on vacation for the first storm.

I jumped in the live truck at 4AM....drove around...gathered video...and from 7AM to 10AM I was live 4 times in our Weather Special.

Live Setup in Snow

I got interviews with snowplow operators, stuck travelers and one McDonald's Manager...and some of it made air but the rest will have to wait til later.

Live in High Point

I think my Live shots went well for someone who doesn't do THAT part of it everyday. I still think I'll let the pros do the talking for regular news. ;-)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Ham Eyeball

I took a picture - and now it's making its way around the world.

After we put it up on the web on Friday the LA Times picked it up for the Odd News section of their WebSite.

This afternoon ABC News Called and wants it for their website.

It all started when I was on the way out the door Friday on the way to a shoot and this lady met me at the bottom of the loading dock ramp.

Denise Hamlin told me she had to show me something I wouldn't believe. I didn't know what I was in store for but when she opened up the grocery bag and I saw the ham wrapping, I was kind of expecting maggots or rotting flesh, but it was the ham...staring right back at me.

Hamlin said it scared her to death when she opened up the package and she knew right away she should show it off.

I knew right away I had to get a picture.

I didn't even get my video camera...I just pulled my little Canon off my hip and popped off about 5 pictures, all about the same, just to make sure I had a good clean shot.

I quickly uploaded the photos to a folder for the web guys and let them take over from there.

Ham Eyeball 002

And here we are today. My picture is traveling the world on the twin tubes of the interet.