Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowgasm 2010 - storm of the decade? lol!

Admittedly this is the best snow we've had around these parts in .... well... about a month...but as a season, this is the best snow we've had in YEARS.

Thomasville Snow before Sunrise

I jumped headlong into it this time...after being caught on vacation for the first storm.

I jumped in the live truck at 4AM....drove around...gathered video...and from 7AM to 10AM I was live 4 times in our Weather Special.

Live Setup in Snow

I got interviews with snowplow operators, stuck travelers and one McDonald's Manager...and some of it made air but the rest will have to wait til later.

Live in High Point

I think my Live shots went well for someone who doesn't do THAT part of it everyday. I still think I'll let the pros do the talking for regular news. ;-)

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John Robinson said...

Chris, everyone said -- well, my wife -- said I looked fine on the TV. I said it must have been your trick photography.


(and I resent the "word verification" to post this comment is "turdi."