Monday, April 19, 2010

NAB 2010 VIDEO vs The VJ

While we traversed the floor of NAB 2010 in Las Vegas last week we were able to catch up with several industry movers and shakers as it relates to the future of the News Photographer.

Stewart "Lenslinger" Pittman conducted interviews with founder Kevin Johnson, KSHB News Director Peggy Phillip, Poynter Institute Media Trainer Al Tompkins, Veteran Network News Cameraman Les Rose and Las Vegas News Photographer Ozkar "Latin Lens" Palomo.

These folks shared their insight into the world of Broadcast News and how they each think One-Man-Band Photographer/Reporters will shape it's future.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NAB 2010 - Day 2
Converging Medium

You may think this is some fancy pants operation....Stewart, Rick, Adam and me running around Las Vegas pretending to know what we're doing....well...we know what we're doing but how we're doing it is nothing short of piecemeal.

From Adam's consumer JVC HD Camcorder to my $25 Radio Shack adapter cable we're carry far fewer dollars worth of equipment than during our 9 to 5 routine.

Picture 038

But we like to think we're giving it our best effort despite our lack of fancy pants equipment. I mean look at what Lenslinger had to resort to for his blog because his laptop is at home in a hundred pieces!


Equipment...that's just a money thing. Maybe some of our new aquaintences will pony up a nicer camera and a wireless mic for us to use next year....or maybe I'll just by one.

Monday, April 12, 2010

NAB 2010 Day 1 - Hitting the Floor
In 3D...In Las Vegas

With all the hype of NAB 2010 and social media and cameras that will upload in a nanosecond - according to some and depending on speed - I am happy to report Stewart "Lenslinger" Pittman, Rick "Turdpolisher" Portier and Adam "Newshawk" Krolfifer and I hit the floor the Las Vegas Convention Center and will soon have lots of media files to share with you.


Because we shot most of our video on a small HD camera that will have to wait until we can get back to a more powerful edit laptop that didn't make the trip with us.


But I can tell you that the talk of NAB this year is 3-D.  Not neccesarily for news but just as color replaced black and white and HDTV is replacing analog color, 3-D is coming...and we have seen it....albeit thru (not-rose-colored) glasses.


Although a lot of the are 3-D setups are really two cameras run through a fancy processing system there are fully equipped single camera setups on display that have two small lenses side by side for creating 3-D productions...which by the way is NOT what I'm attempting in this picture of a double live stream interview between Kevin Johnson, of B-Roll dot Net and Lenslinger.(Can be found HERE)


Almost all of these 3-D setups require the viewer to where glasses, in fact I haven't seen otherwise, and that may be the short term downfall of the technology...that and it looks like ass without the glasses.

But with the glasses on it's incredible.  I can vouch.


Stand by for more pictures, articles and ultimately videos from the floor of NAB 2010!

For Now check out Kevin Johnson and Stewart Pittman talking about the first day at NAB 2010.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Destination Vegas

All I have to say is - DITTO!

From Viewfinder Blues at ----


After an election cycle, a couple of tornadoes and more b-block masterpieces than you can shake a tripod at, Team 'Slinger is about to take on Vegas. Our mission: pierce the very heart of the world's largest electronic media show, all while collecting as much swag and complimentary cocktails as possible. It's been two whole years since Weaver and I last winged our way out West and a lot has happened since. Namely Twitter... and Facebook... and Foursquare... and every other social networking site I'm too provincial to grasp. My point is there are more ways to over-communicate than ever before and that's exactly what we plan to do: Over-communicate. Don't get me wrong. We're gonna chill. But between the gadget swarms and contemplative strolls, it's my intention to keep my half dozen readers updated and on occasion, entertained. But to do that, I have to loosen the reins on this humble sight. See, normally I spend all of 30 minutes on an entry before slamming home the POST button (I hope that explains the spelling errors). But in order to file reports from the field, I've resolved to spend even less time on my tortured soliloquies and more time playing simple show and tell. I still reserve the right to clean things up when I get back home, but while we're on the convention floor I wanna throw everything against the wall and see what sticks. Soem things to look for:

Twitter / Weaver's Twitter: With a limit of 140 characters, it's hard for a gasbag like me to convey my thoughts. But it's also the easiest way to share burst of information past, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed to the upper right and know any cogent content was still hammered out with two jet-lagged thumbs....

Flickr / Weaver's Flickr: Longtime readers know I'm a sucker for the 'point and shoot' and my particular Flickr Photostream is rivaled only by that of my oldest daughter's. Sooo, be sure and check out my photo page regularly for all the pictures I'm too embarrassed to explain...

Livestream: Right now the little video box to your right is playing the winning entries from a recent contest. It's stellar television, but once site founder Kevin Johnson puts boots on the ground, he's not start issuing live reports. Look for a couple of Southern fried photogs to make steady cameos.

Youtube/ Qik: Between myself, Weaver, Krolfifer, Turd and Amanda Emily, we'll be packin' more glass than most headshops. While much of the video will expertly edited at a later date, we're gonna try really hard to fire off a few 'off the cuff' videos (something that's very hard to do when you erase mistakes for a living). Oh yeah - they'll even be in Hi-Def!

NewsBlues: My surly editor Mike James is expecting some kind of correspondence from me for his well-traveled gossip sheet, If you're a subscriber, drop in often. If you're not, consider ponying up some coin and becoming one. Why? You'll be supporting the man I plan to strong-arm into editing my memoirs.

Caveat: No, it's not some social networking site your kids are into (as far as I know). Rather, it's my little disclaimer explaining how very little of this shall come to pass. After all, this IS Vegas! It's hard to be trenchant let alone grammatically correct when your eyelids are soaked in bourbon and the cops want to know whey there's an emu in your room...

I'm SURE there's a logical explanation, Occifer......