Monday, April 12, 2010

NAB 2010 Day 1 - Hitting the Floor
In 3D...In Las Vegas

With all the hype of NAB 2010 and social media and cameras that will upload in a nanosecond - according to some and depending on speed - I am happy to report Stewart "Lenslinger" Pittman, Rick "Turdpolisher" Portier and Adam "Newshawk" Krolfifer and I hit the floor the Las Vegas Convention Center and will soon have lots of media files to share with you.


Because we shot most of our video on a small HD camera that will have to wait until we can get back to a more powerful edit laptop that didn't make the trip with us.


But I can tell you that the talk of NAB this year is 3-D.  Not neccesarily for news but just as color replaced black and white and HDTV is replacing analog color, 3-D is coming...and we have seen it....albeit thru (not-rose-colored) glasses.


Although a lot of the are 3-D setups are really two cameras run through a fancy processing system there are fully equipped single camera setups on display that have two small lenses side by side for creating 3-D productions...which by the way is NOT what I'm attempting in this picture of a double live stream interview between Kevin Johnson, of B-Roll dot Net and Lenslinger.(Can be found HERE)


Almost all of these 3-D setups require the viewer to where glasses, in fact I haven't seen otherwise, and that may be the short term downfall of the technology...that and it looks like ass without the glasses.

But with the glasses on it's incredible.  I can vouch.


Stand by for more pictures, articles and ultimately videos from the floor of NAB 2010!

For Now check out Kevin Johnson and Stewart Pittman talking about the first day at NAB 2010.

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