Thursday, December 28, 2006

Signs You may be a TV News Photog on Vacation

I'm about to wrap up my Christmas Vacation but all week long I keep catching myself in situations that make it seem like I should be at work. So here are the top ten signs that you may be a TV News Photographer on Vacation...

1 - If you see an Ambulance pass by you have the urge to turn around and find out where it's going.

2 - When you see firetrucks speeding to a call you reach for the buttons on your scanner even though you're in your personal vehicle.

3 - Any glimps of smoke on horizon is like a magnetic attraction and you instinctively head toward it.

4 - If you see an auto accident you have to stop to find out what happened and how bad the injuries are.

5 - While at the mall shopping you keep a close eye on other people wondering who'd make a good MOS.

6 - You read the morning paper to see if you can guess what the news lineup will be at 5 and 6.

7 - While watching for those stories you catch yourself trying to figure out who shot what.

8 - You speed to Grandma's house like you're late to a press conference.

9 - When you answer your personal cell phone you blurt out your station call letters.

10 - The BREAKING NEWS on the late newscast is about a shooting at a shopping mall and you wish it could have happened while you were in that same mall earlier that very day. (I carry a small digital video camera almost everywhere I go.)

Gerald Ford
My Second President

As a TV Photojournalist, when The President comes to town, you can find me in one of three places; In the Motorcade, at The Event, or on the side of the road with the throng of people hoping to catch a glimse.

30 years ago, however, it was my parents and myself as a toddler hanging out on the side of the road, on a bridge overlooking the freeway, hoping to catch a glimpse. The second President of my lifetime, President Gerald Ford, was about to zoom by in the Presidential Motorcade on his way to an event in Mobile, Alabama.

I don't remember exactly which year it was - most likely 75 or 76 - but I clearly remember being there and seeing the limos, cop cars and all the people waving American Flags. I was too young to comprehend how this was different than any other parade but somehow the memory stuck with me.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TV NewsDad vs TV NewsKid

It's been pretty darn well documented here on the blog that my kids are a big part of my life and I like to get them involved in my pictures and videos whenever possible.

But I was over surfing YouTube and found this example of what can happen when a TVNewsKid turns the camera around on the TVNewsDad.

See if you recognize this TVNewsDad (before you click the link) 'lounging' around as his (future reporter) daughter asks the tough questions.

Also, stick around for her comedy routine after TVNewsDad grabs the camera and points it at his girl.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

TV Photojournalist Killed
Hit by Car

WJLA Overnight Photojournalist Gordon Davis, 51, was killed early Tuesday when he was struck by a car after covering a fire.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Davis Family in their time of loss.

CLICK HERE to see how WJLA covered the loss of their colleague. It's very classy look at a well respected co-worker.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lenslinger's Christmas Surprise
A Blog Come True

Way back on Halloween Stewart was already assembling his Christmas list. Sure, he needed to fill the pages of his blog with something because for the mighty Lenslinger a day without a blog-posting is akin to someone swiping your nicotine patch.

Honestly, he has been drooling out loud over the 12-inch mini TV Photog Ken Doll type War Journalist dude for a while now. And anyone who knows (or has read) Stewart knows how he loves knick-knacks, especially TV related things.

So when he posted his "All I Want for Christmas" blog back on Halloween I didn't even think twice before reaching out to several of his other blogging buddies to jump in and make this thing happen.

The video below is what happened...

I would also like to thank those of you who helped make this happen, including Stewart's wife, Shelly and my wife, Julie!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Innovation on the Job
Shopping Cart Dolly

Sometimes it's just fun to be inventive, innovative and creative. Case in point, my fun with this Target Shopping Cart on Black Friday.


At first I was just going to hijack the cart to tote my extra batteries around between setting up the tripod to get my shots. But then a lightbulb inside my noggin came on and I set the tripod up in the cart as seen and rolled all around the store getting rolling, smooth, flowing shots.

Sure I got some strange looks from the Holiday shoppers, but my video was different than the same ole' shopping story.

Now if I could just get the shopping cart into the backseat.