Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lenslinger's Christmas Surprise
A Blog Come True

Way back on Halloween Stewart was already assembling his Christmas list. Sure, he needed to fill the pages of his blog with something because for the mighty Lenslinger a day without a blog-posting is akin to someone swiping your nicotine patch.

Honestly, he has been drooling out loud over the 12-inch mini TV Photog Ken Doll type War Journalist dude for a while now. And anyone who knows (or has read) Stewart knows how he loves knick-knacks, especially TV related things.

So when he posted his "All I Want for Christmas" blog back on Halloween I didn't even think twice before reaching out to several of his other blogging buddies to jump in and make this thing happen.

The video below is what happened...

I would also like to thank those of you who helped make this happen, including Stewart's wife, Shelly and my wife, Julie!


Billy Jones said...

Way cool, I love it!

Brian said...

Very nicely done!