Thursday, December 28, 2006

Signs You may be a TV News Photog on Vacation

I'm about to wrap up my Christmas Vacation but all week long I keep catching myself in situations that make it seem like I should be at work. So here are the top ten signs that you may be a TV News Photographer on Vacation...

1 - If you see an Ambulance pass by you have the urge to turn around and find out where it's going.

2 - When you see firetrucks speeding to a call you reach for the buttons on your scanner even though you're in your personal vehicle.

3 - Any glimps of smoke on horizon is like a magnetic attraction and you instinctively head toward it.

4 - If you see an auto accident you have to stop to find out what happened and how bad the injuries are.

5 - While at the mall shopping you keep a close eye on other people wondering who'd make a good MOS.

6 - You read the morning paper to see if you can guess what the news lineup will be at 5 and 6.

7 - While watching for those stories you catch yourself trying to figure out who shot what.

8 - You speed to Grandma's house like you're late to a press conference.

9 - When you answer your personal cell phone you blurt out your station call letters.

10 - The BREAKING NEWS on the late newscast is about a shooting at a shopping mall and you wish it could have happened while you were in that same mall earlier that very day. (I carry a small digital video camera almost everywhere I go.)


BeFrank said...

Sad, but very true. I hope the vacation treated you well and I hope you're first on the scene at every breaker.

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. Vacation is over! :)