Monday, November 24, 2008

Emmy Time
The Circle of Life

When I won free tickets to the Transiberian Orchestra Concert I didn't even consider that it was on the same night as the 2008 Mid-South Emmy Nominations would be announced.

And even as I walked into the Greensboro Coliseum this past Friday it didn't cross my mind to think about the impending announcment for which I had 4 entries.

But as I sat looking around the coliseum at the seats, the ads and the cupholders(with their ads), I flashed back to my first Emmy Win....shot right about where I was sitting as workers prepped the building for the NCAA tournament.

That story won me and Eric White our first Emmy...and as I flashed back to reality...I thought out loud (to my wife) how cool would it be to get a phone call from a co-worker that I'm nominated for an Emmy while sitting in the coliseum. It's like a big circle in life.

Not even halfway through the concert I missed a call from a number I was unsure of but I checked the Voicemail to hear a giddy Julie Luck congratulating me for our Emmy Nomination for our series "13 and Pregnant" about a 13 year old couple in Thomasville who concieved, birthed, and are now taking care of a baby. (with adult supervision of course!)

I was happy and I enjoyed the rest of the concert having the knowledge that I've now been Emmy Nominated four years in a row.

When I got home later that night I saw that I was also nominated with Melissa "Deal or Dud Lady" Painter for our Deal or Dud segments.

Awesome! 2 noms!

My Station, WGHP, also recieved a nomination for Continuing Coverage in 24 hours of the May 5 Tornados in Greensboro and Clemmons.

Fellow Photojournalist Brad Ingram is nominated in Photography and Editing.

Congrats to Brad for his work and all my co-workers for their efforts on that long day in May.

Also, Congrats to everyone who's nominated(especially if you're reading this), because I know how hard we all work to produce the work this good.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to plan a trip to Nashville in late January!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IMPLOSION - Dan River Mills
No News Crews Hurt

All the News Crews at the Dan River Mills Implosion in Danville, VA Thursday must have been in contact and out of the way because even though one of the two smokestacks fell the wrong one was injured.

I almost drew this assignment but didn't. Too bad.

In light of my last post(see below or click here)...maybe it's a good thing I didn't.

Here's a couple of looks at the with the smokestack falling straight toward the handheld camera.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Out of Touch News Crew
NEW ATT Commercial

Danger - Danger - According to AT&T if we don't use their service we (news crews) could get blown to smithereens!


Of course it's just one of AT&Ts new commercials with messages from the user's (other service)phone detailing how out of touch the phone's user is.

It's funny!

(We have Verizon!)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eastern Guilford High School Fire
2 years later - Touring the New EG

I wasn't at the scene the day Eastern Guilford High School burned down in November, 2006, but for days and weeks after the event I spent countless hours producing local TV stories about the building, the students, the communities that were affected by the one of the largest fires ever to burn in this state.

School Fire (15)

After Eastern Guilford High School burned to the ground the school system had to get on the construction fast track. First they had to build a temporary school of "Pods", mobile classrooms grouped together on the campus to form a makeshift school.

Then they had to build a new school and the clock was ticking.Today was the first tour of the nearly completed school.

Media and school officials accompanied the contractors through the building for a preview of where the students will call home come April 20, 2009.

Click Here for the VIDEO

Eastern Guilford High School Fire

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mulitmedia Masterpiece
NY Times Presidential Election Video

This is a must watch...

It is a well put together, comprehensive look at the presidential election from the time the candidates started campaigning through Tuesday.

Simple graphics, great photos, great video, compelling sound, poignent storytelling.

The visuals (stills and moving) were compiled from a variety of sources over a long period of time. Interviews were conducted with voters in many states and there was even sound with photographers who shot some of the pictures for the NY Times.

This is a key piece of work for defining how to mix, mesh and use multimedia to what has to be close to it's fullest potential. (for now)

Very informative, very interesting and it streams out in excellent quality.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hanging Rock 2008
A Nice Day with the Kids

Ah Autumn. The colors....Beautiful.

Hanging Rock 2008

So I set out Sunday afternoon to Pilot Mountain.

Hanging Rock 2008

Yeah, I know, it says Hanging Rock in the title. We got to Pilot Mountain and it was a 45 minute wait to drive to the parking lot at the top of the knobby rock. The hell with that. We spent the next 45 minutes driving to Hanging Rock.

Hanging Rock 2008

The 40 minutes after that we spent meandering the Hanging Rock trail for about a mile to get up there...

Hanging Rock 2008

...on top of that rock.

Hanging Rock 2008

It's a trip I make with the kids at least once a year and I wish I had time to do it a few times a year.

Hanging Rock 2008

The view is spectacular and sitting out on those rocks with no fence to catch you if you fall is a thrill, if not downright scary when you have 3 boys and a little princess to worry about.

Hanging Rock 2008

Nevermind the dog pulling us all around by that hotpink leash.

Hanging Rock 2008

I could sit up there all day.

Hanging Rock 2008