Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Emmy Award
The Winning Story

Having had a a few days now to digest the fact that I actually won an EMMY award I will start babbling, little by little, my trip to Nashville, the story that won and how Eric White and I had a great week of Newsgathering leading up to shooting that story.

Emmy Trip 07 (88)Emmy Trip 07 (84)

Emmy Trip 07 (89)Emmy Trip 07 (76)

The story that won the Emmy I had originally given the title "The Sticker Project" because a girl in the story uttered that line while placing the stickers during the cover up. Eric decided "NCAA Cover Up" had a better ring and an air of mystique.

Watch the Emmy Winning Story...

Eric and I found out about the NCAA advertising regulation after shooting at the Greensboro Colliseum on Monday. That story was a simple preview of the NCAA Men's tournament getting set up. That story was also a pretty good story with lots of action of the colliseum crew setting up the floor for men's basketball. We shot the story and had it on the air in about 3 1/2 hours after getting a late afternoon start.

Watch that story that we call "NCAA Preps" .....

Earlier that day while we waited for our appointment to shoot at the colliseum we were dispatched to the scene of a dog hit by a car near the station. Now, that may not seem like news but....well, watch the story.

The dog really left at the end of the story. You saw it get up and leave...that's what I saw. It walked out of frame, into the woods, and while we sat their and waited for 20-30 more minutes he never came back.

That story won an Honorable Mention in the NPPA Quarterly Clip Contest.(Region 6, 1st Quarter, News Feature)

So with those two stories under our belts by Monday afternoon we were stoked to have the Sticker Story lined up for Thursday night. But it wasn't that easy. Our plans were almost nixed for logistical reasons and the story almost never saw the light of day. But we worked out the details with the bosses and made it happen.

Three great stories in one week. It was a nice feeling then and the work it took to make it happen is really justified now!


Oreo said...

Those are some great stories. Thanks for posting them. Kudos to you and your reporter for fighting for your work. How long did these take to edit?

AMO said...

Congrats! Loved the story! You've totally inspired me!

Unknown said...

I am interested in writing a report from News Photography at Arkansas Tech about you and your work. Are you interested in participating in an email interview? If so, email me at Thanks!