Sunday, January 28, 2007



Those were my first words out of my mouth as I accepted my very first Emmy!


It was for a General News story called NCAA Coverup about the worker's at the Greensboro Colliseum covering up the ad-laden cup holders according to the NCAA policy.

I will write a more detailed roundup later but right now it's time to party!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the photo!!! I have already snagged it and put a blog on my, myspace page,,,bragging of course.
I also left your www.addy.
Congratulations again big bro.

Kenneth said...

CONGRATS from the Queen City.

We missed you last night but I think you may have been having more fun showing everybody all that gold.

I'm going to check out the tape and see how you did when you got up on stage.

Smitty said...

Congrats, Chris. You so deserve it! I'm proud of you, man.

Anonymous said...


I'm a three-time nominee, but haven't yet laid my hands on one of those statuettes.

Anonymous said...

Chris, this is fantastic news! If you need help welding that thing to the hood of Unit 15 I just happen to own a welder. ;-)

Oreo said...

Congrats. How does one garner a nomination? Also, do you have the story posted somewhere, or can you post it here?