Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 - Day Two
Miss January
and a side note

Some days are destinted to be good days. This was one.

I was able to spend most of the day working on our station's contest entries and then had to run out and shoot a quick VoSot, that I actually wish could've been a full blown package.

April Roberts

The girl in the picture with me is April Roberts, her birthday's in June, but she's Miss January in the America's Female Firefighters 2007 Calendar.

I don't really know what I was expecting when I got to the firehouse with my assignment sheet in hand...but this wasn't it....

April is a professional firefighter on the and has been for 4 years. She applied for the chance to be in the calendar last spring and in May traveled to Miami for the photo shoot.

The sale of the calendar supports the People's Burn Foundation and the Firefighters' Burn Foundation by raising money to help burn victims.

If you'd like a calendar you can get one directly from April by sending her an email -(COMING SOON) (and if she sells the most calendars she will be back in the 2008 issue!)


And on a side note that wouldn't be a side note on any other day....

After all the excitement of meeting Miss January I picked up a 6 o'clock live shot for another photog which meant I got to work with our newest reporter Miss Leah Beano.

Leah Beano

We had a fun conversation and I took a few hurried pix but I'll save all that for another day and time. (No offense Leah :))

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