Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Spot News - Log Truck Overturned

Tractor Trailer accidents can be very spectacular. When they wreck they wreck big. It's kind of like the old saying...'The bigger they are the harder they fall.'

Toss in 80-Thousand pounds of logs and an airborne passenger car and you've got a mess.

Log Truck Accident

I was in too big a hurry to pop off too many pictures. I was sent on this 25 mile trek at 4:30 with video expected driven back by 6. I would have about 10 minutes on the ground if all things went accordingly.

The only hitch in my plan was the backup of southbound traffic that was being forced into the right lane to pass the emergency vehicles staged near the scene. As all the vehicles in front of me cleared to the right I proceeded to pass them knowing I'd be pulling into the median to the left. But one truckdriver threw a rolling roadblock my way trying to keep me from passing him by rolling slowly in the left lane. I just went further to the left, into the grass and made the pass clean. I think he figured out when I passed him I wasn't just another passenger car in a hurry.

When I got on the scene I found out that a passenger car had jumped -emphasis on jumped- the median and, while still airborne(I was told), crashed nearly head-on into this tractor trailer logging truck.

The log truck overturned, spilling the logs, and shutting down northbound Highway 52 for several hours during the afternoon commute through the evening.

I was back at the station by 5:45, on the air with a VO at 6.

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