Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Toy
2nd Video From it...

You might remember this video back before Christmas of Lenslinger opening up his new toy. Well that video was shot with my new toy.

Vid Camera

This is the Pure Point and Shoot Digital camcorder. Our station did a product test on it and I new I had to have it. It records in a compressed proprietery format that looks and acts a lot like MPEG-2. The video is actually pretty good, although the audio is a little hot.

Exporting can be done a couple of ways. It plugs in to a USB port (just a like a Thumb drive) and it comes with software to help you share the video but I find that kind of useless. I just open the files and grab the video files and import them into Windows Movie Maker or Adobe 6.5.

Vid Camera (1)

Shooting with it's great. It has an LCD screen on the back and you can see everything you are shooting. Don't expect any bells and whistles. All you can do is Point and Shoot, like the name implies. But for around $100 what did you expect?

Now...Here's another video from my new toy. I've been hanging onto it since before Christmas...It's from a day when we had to drive 5 hours round trip for a 5 o'clock pkg....

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