Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eastern Guilford High School Fire
2 years later - Touring the New EG

I wasn't at the scene the day Eastern Guilford High School burned down in November, 2006, but for days and weeks after the event I spent countless hours producing local TV stories about the building, the students, the communities that were affected by the one of the largest fires ever to burn in this state.

School Fire (15)

After Eastern Guilford High School burned to the ground the school system had to get on the construction fast track. First they had to build a temporary school of "Pods", mobile classrooms grouped together on the campus to form a makeshift school.

Then they had to build a new school and the clock was ticking.Today was the first tour of the nearly completed school.

Media and school officials accompanied the contractors through the building for a preview of where the students will call home come April 20, 2009.

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