Monday, November 17, 2008

Out of Touch News Crew
NEW ATT Commercial

Danger - Danger - According to AT&T if we don't use their service we (news crews) could get blown to smithereens!


Of course it's just one of AT&Ts new commercials with messages from the user's (other service)phone detailing how out of touch the phone's user is.

It's funny!

(We have Verizon!)

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Chris said...

That scared me into getting AT&T... and insisting that there is a field producer at every live shot. Also, a photog isn't a photog unless he's slightly overweight and wearing a backwards cap, and the news van should always be included in the background of a live shot. And let's keep the mics hard-wired, and spend plenty of time setting up a big ol' studio light. Ah, news.

I liked the commercial too.