Wednesday, October 31, 2007

News Car Wars
Fight Fire with...

In response to my recent article about a Durham TV Station's new mobile news gathering vehicle their competition in Raleigh has scrambled to put together their own mobile news gathering machine plus some.

And since their parent company is known for their extra-orbital prowess how fitting that their vehicle is equipped to communicate with the Geo-Stationary orbs that we refer to as the birds.

Here it is....Redneck 1.

Reneck One

I hear it's going to cater to the newsgathering of the far reaches of the Raleigh Market down into Eastern NC, where pickup will let you fit right in.

No word on what kind of technologically advanced equipment is behind the darkened glass but I do hear there's a CB in it.


Lenslinger said...

That thing IS AWESOME!

turdpolisher said...

don't let the suits at the big raggedy see it, or the gear guru will overload his ebay account yet again.

joey flash said...

wait, where does the gun rack go with that thing in the back?