Sunday, February 18, 2007

NASCAR Daytona 500
In HD!

A couple of weeks ago I realized a longtime dream of mine. I purchased an HDTV. After much research on brand, quality, specs and price I decided on a 55 inch Sony 3LCD set. It has a great picture and combinded with the HD-DVR Cable box from Time Warner I have a bunch (but not nearly enough) of choices of HD Programming.

Daytona 500 in HDTV 3

But today I want to tell you about the Daytona 500 in HD!

Daytona 500 in HDTV

This is my second time watching a race on my new set in HD of you count last week's Bud Shootout. But a difference this week is that now even most of the incar cameras are in HD. Although on an ironic note, the #96 DLP HDTV Car's in cars are NOT in HD! That's odd.

Daytona 500 in HDTV 5

This is a great new feature. Last year all of the incars were 4x3 SD resolution video. The HD incars look awesome.

Daytona 500 in HDTV 2

I even have my surround sound set up so when Fox goes into "Crank It Up" mode I do! The surround sound is unbelieveable.

I have been wanting to get an HD set for a long time. I can remember the first time I saw an HDTV demo at the state fair in Raleigh back in the mid-90s. WRAL had the TV set up with a demo playing. I knew then that one day I'd have an HDTV. That day has come.

Now if I can just get Time Warner to get ESPN2 HD on the lineup and get SPEED to broadcast in HD I'd be set.


Don Moore said...

You mean you watched it compressed and mushed up on Cable. Walk down the hall at work and have Charlie explain to you HOW MUCH BETTER the Over The Air Signal is to cable or satellite

Anonymous said...

yeah...i watched it in HD pretty much kicked total ass.