Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cat Attackes Reporter
Finally a new post:)

OK so I've been so busy I've neglected to post anything so here you go...

(The setup)

A reporter at Fox 8 (in Cleveland) is holding a cat for a live shot...that's all, but you have to see it if you like it when things go wrong on TV.

Cat Attacks Cute Reporter - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!


Anonymous said...

I hate to be mean,,,but she admited at the end not being a "cat person",,,she should have never picked up or agreed to hold the cat. Sign #1 a cat does'nt like you...long drawn out growling meows. Sign #2 Hissing. HELLO??? She pretty much got what was coming to her, cats are smart and know if you dont like them. Dumb @$$ woman.

Anonymous said...

And there is a Carolina connection here. She's a former News 14 Charlotte anchor. fyi