Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weather Woody

OK, I admit it, I like chasing weather. It's one of the biggest unknowns in spot news chasing.

Last week I walked in the station after a 6 o'clock live shot and I saw the radar and new it wasn't good. Our weatherman was on the verge of talking about a possible tornado and I wanted in on the action.

I planned my route to get behind the storm and follow it through. Using my GPS and following scanner reports of wind and trees down I wove my way through northern Davidson County. I was headed toward a report of trees on a house when I spoted the summation of an evening storm passed.


The money shot, or I guess, the pot o' gold shot.


I was able to get great video for the newscast and pop off a couple of great stills.


I got this video and then headed south and west to end up getting video of firefighters cutting trees from roadways and driveways and people talking about the roar (they spared me the freight train quotes) of the storm and the force of the wind.

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Widescreen said...

Now here in Australia, a ‘Woody’ is slang for a ‘hard-on’!!!!!!

I noticed you did mention……….

"The money shot, or I guess, the pot o' gold shot"