Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Double Vision

I had an interesting conversation with WFMY's Frank Mickens today. But the confusion leading to the conversation with Frank is what makes it funny.

That's Frank on the right. He is a reporter and sometimes fill-in anchor at the CBS affiliate. On the left my colleague Charles Ewing, our weekend meteorologist who also works as a news reporter a couple of days a week.

When I arrived at my second story today I introduced myself and asked for the principal of the school. I was informed she was interviewing with another news crew. Another of the women in the office said she was already being interviewed by Fox 8.

I was a little stunned, but dumber things have happened. It wasn't impossible for another crew to have also grabbed this assignment but I was skeptical.

If we're already here I gotta know who. The woman told me, "You know, the weather guy, Charles..." So we walked to the computer lab where the other news crew was. To my relief it was Frank Mickens, not Charles, conducting the interview, which meant I still had to do my job.

After I was nearly done Frank stopped me to pass a message along to Charles. This caught my attention considering the events leading up to this moment. Frank told me that people kept congratulating him on the birth of his twins. That would be people kept congratulating Frank, confusing him for Charles, for the birth of Charles' twins.

I'm confused.
He even confided in me that the ladies at the school weren't sure he wasn't Charles. I nodded in assurance as I looked him over searching for the resemblance.

Charles, twins with Frank, who gets compliments on twins that belong to Charles? Hmm.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Charles covering education there now, with Cindy still doing What's Right with our Schools? Just wondering...