Monday, March 03, 2008

Introducing..the New Girl...
...and her Frat Sisters

Our newest reporter, Roxanna Haynes, hit the streets today. Lucky for us she brought her 4 frat sisters with her when she joined the team.

Frat Girls

Uhm, no. That's actually four of our finest - and I mean that sincerely - photojournalists nicely photoshopped in with Roxanna in the blue shirt.

Some of my fellow photogs couldn't resist the urge when the saw this spiffy picture on her desk last week. A snapshots and few keystrokes later and the Frat Sisters were born.

We put the new 5x7 print over the original in her frame and it was a waiting game. It took a little prodding by the newsroom administrative assistant but when Roxanna finally saw it she was laughing with the rest of us.

Like the caption says..."Welcome to the Family"

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