Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tony Snow
Loses Battle with Cancer

When I was the local pool Photog riding in a press van in the Presidential Motorcade in October 2006 I saw Tony Snow and thought, 'Cool, Tony Snow, now there's a man with his hand in the pocket of the world.'

I didn't know too much about him, not that he graduated from Davidson College in 1977, that he worked at a newspaper in the very town I work, (the same town we were in when I popped this picture) and that when I was just graduating from high school he was already playing presidential polictics with George Senior.

Presidential Visit (14)

What I did know was that he would convey the information like no other press secretary, was a friend to the media like no other and loved his jobs, whatever he found himself doing.

At the time I took that picture, I didn't even know he had cancer...and today when I read he died, I didn't even know he hadn't beat it completely.


Lenslinger said...

Buckley tells a cool story of meeting Snow. By the way, I thoght you were on vacation...

newshutr said...

Chris, still can't keep away from your blog. That's why I gave you a Taawdy award for blogging excellence.

head to my blog and see the WOW...A Taawdy, to claim it.