Monday, June 01, 2009

13 Perfect Years

I have to tell you about the attendence record set at Southern Alamance High School this year.

It's hard enough for any given student to put together a perfect year, attending school every day. Certainly more difficult to do it for more than one year.

But imagine this. 13 straight years of perfect attendance from Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

When Jeremy Vaughn finished 8th Grade at Southern Alamance Middle School 4 years ago he got up on awards day to get his 9th straight perfect attendance certificate, with his mind already set on what he accomplished this year.

What he learned that day in 2005 was there was another young man at the school doing the same thing. During that 8th Grade awards ceremony 2 names were called for perfect attendence. When Zack Pickard took that stage with Jeremy Vaughn they learned that each had accomplished the same thing....9 straight years of perfect attendance.

Over the next 4 years the boys wouldn't hang out much more than their Athletic Schedules would allow. Jeremy playing football and baseball, Zack playing football and soccer, they kept track of each other's progress through each successful perfect year of high school.

Each of them managed to avoid major sickness or catch illnesses during holiday breaks or long weekends. Jeremy even attended at week of 6th grade with laryngitis, unable to speak.

The boys are stellar athletes and it's probably no coincidence the dedication of a grade school athlete that carries over to the classroom. And that drive to succeed also reflects in their grades. Both of them will graduate near the top of the 2009 class and they're both headed to good colleges in the fall.

Probably the only regret each of them have is Jeremy's 2 weeks off the football field for a knee injury and Zack, well he didn't mention any missed games, but instead says he played 2 soccer games and a football game with a sprained ankle.

Now the young men have their next challenge clearly in sight. College. And they both plan to continue their perfect attendance tradition.

Jeremy is headed to Averett Unitversity where he will play baseball and study Criminal Justice.

Zack is going to Virginia Tech to play Football and study business.

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