Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Holy Crap - High Definition

I't been a while - too long.  Twitter, Facebook and work in general have kept me away...but I'm back.


You may know that we just went HiDef. The pictures here are Sheeka and I on her second and my first HD Live Shot after the transistion.


We are now shooting, editing and broadcasting news in HD.  We've been shooting and editing HD for a few months now but on Sept 12th our new set went online along with the technical equipment to push HD out of the building.

The process has been long, arduous and I understand it cost a bunch of money.  It's actually good to know that the parent company is forward looking and wants to make the effort to keep it looking good.


We cackled and grumbled about the size of the new cameras but I have to say (other than a quirk or two here and there) that pixel for pixel and pound for pound this camera is putting out the best picture in this market.  Sure, I'd like to have a better lens, but the only other lens they make for this camera costs more than the camera itself. Oh well.


Hospital Dan said...

Hey Chris,
Glad to see a new post! I'll be checking in from Chucktown from time to time.... hope you and your family are doing well in T-ville, say hi to everybody at El Ocho.

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