Friday, February 15, 2013

My New Reality (Show)

When the bosses came to me with the idea of a locally shot reality series featuring characters from the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina I was all in.

My first assignment, spend 2 days riding with an Animal Control officer, see what you get, and produce 5, 2 minute stories and a 15 minute special. No problem.

I spent 16 hours riding the streets of Guilford County and Greensboro with Alexis Bennett, a well seasoned Animal Control Officer in Guilford County, who also happens to be quite the character.

I shot 7 hours of footage with my JVC-750 and 2 GoPro HD Cameras.

After about 60 hours confined in the edit bay - not in a row - but over the course of about 2 weeks - I had all the segments ready to air. One story in the 6 O'Clock news every day and a 15 minute special on Thursday at 10:45.

Next up - Another Reality Special - "Treasure or Trash" - with an even shorter turn around time. Let's Go!

Here's the 2 part 15 minutes special. (which clocks in at 12 and a half minutes.)


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