Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Feeling the Love

The love must just be in the air for us news-types. After reading about Lenslinger's encounter at the stoplight today I found it funny that I too had my own stoplight adventure, that also happened today.
My reporter, an intern and I were running late headed to a 6 o'clock liveshot in Greensboro and while looking for the perfect location with the right background we got stuck at an extended, red, left turn signal on Lee Street trying to turn left to go north on Elm.
The light didn't turn green for us on the first cycle and while stopped and be-moaning this extra delay I looked across to my right in thoughts of just blowing the light and I saw this guy standing on the corner with both hands on his manhood, thrusting his hips, mouthing the words, 'F#&k You', to us over and over. The light seemed to last forever and the guy mouthed and thrusted until we just drove away before the red light even had a chance to turn green.
The reporter's comment on the situation; "Wow, that thing was huge!"

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