Thursday, June 08, 2006

American Idol:
Kellie Pickler on Jay Leno
Her Biggest Fans

I saw Kellie Pickler on Jay Leno Wednesday night. It was funny! Hillarious as a matter of fact. (Don't leave to try to find it online...I'll send you there in a second...) Her appearance on Leno's show from the MTV Awards red carpet got me thinking about the bubbly blonde who has the stars gawking over her.

Before she was a finalist on American Idol, before she came to be adored by millions of people nationwide, before she generated 810,000 hits by Googling her name, before she came to Greensboro and posed for Stewart "Lenslinger" Pittman's cell phone snapshot, and before she had appeared twice on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, she was just a small town southern belle with a thick, small town, deep south, North Carolina drawl.

Before all the hoopla that has risen her quickly to the status of southern superstar she was just another beauty pageant winner named as Ms Stanley County.

She was also a roller skate waitress at an Albemarle restaurant with name that rhymes with Tonic.

While in school she was trying to set new and exciting fashion trends for the prom.

As seen on

But now she's got the likes of Justin Timberlake, Sandra Bullock, Will Ferrell and Keanu reeves gawking over her.

The stars want her to make it big....They're her biggest fans!

Check out the video of Kellie on Jay Leno.


Anonymous said...

That was hillarious!! Caught it too! "Can you do the matrix? I can watch!!!!!!! great tv !

Bluedog Photog said...

Yep, saw that too! Was pretty damn funny! My wife and I were saying she's probably gonna make it bigger than any of the idols. She'll have her own TV show soon, you watch.

Anonymous said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!And you know I really shouldn't be doing this!!