Thursday, June 22, 2006

Long Day
Getting the Worm
(as in....Early Bird)

After about 4 hours of shut eye I rolled out of bed and rolled into the station and met Caron and we took off to the Alamance County Seat of Graham where Sheriff Terry Johnson wanted us to see some good old fashioned police work first hand.

Seems one of their veteran detectives worked his way into the crimminal element, gained their trust and started buying their stolen goods. The undercover work was so good that they were purchasing stolen merchandise before the property owner even had a chance to report it stolen.

It was even stated that the crimminals would call up the "buyer" and ask if they would buy this or that because they were going to steal one!

So this morning we arrived at 5am to head out with one of the arrest teams to watch them round up te 41 or so people that were listed on warrants obtained through the undercover operation.

We did a noon, 5 and 6 o'clock live shot. It went something like this at noon and this at 6.

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