Sunday, October 29, 2006

Monkey See(perverts)
Monkey Do(perverts)

Apartment XNow WXII is jumping on the Apartment X, er, To Catch a Predator, er, Sexual Predator sting operation bandwagon. (Of course, so did we. I had the plesure of editing a story shot the day before by another photog who had Friday off when it was ready to edit and air. It's no in-depth undercover overblown effort, but it got the same message across...a week earlier.

So now 12 is running the promos on their air (nothing online yet) with Bill O'Neill promising to uncover the Sexual Predators of the Triad. No fancy billboards like the CBS affilliate promising to tell the 'dark secret inside Apartment X' but here's the kicker....they are airing on the same night, both at 11!

Kind of makes me wished we would've held ours for a week.

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