Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rent-a-Cops and Skater Punks

Lenslinger calls them 'a TV News Photog's Natural Enemy', a 'breed of law enforcement flunkie (who) becomes especially agitated in the presence of zoom lens', but Rent-a-Cops don't just annoy TV News Crews.

Apparently their level of agitation rises with the presense of skater-punks too.

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Anonymous said...

'Effing wanna-be-cops!
They're the worst.

newshutr said...

Yeah...but still, skateboard on private property...face the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Those are the kind of guys who joined the Brown Shirts. Private property or not, assault is assault.

newshutr said...

Annnnd...what did you not understand about private property? No tresspassing to skate, no action taken against the skaters. Simple.