Monday, November 27, 2006

When I Grow Up
7th Grade School Assignment

JeffreySummer 06My Oldest stepson is a 7th grader and is working on a project that involves choosing a proffesion and learning about it and writing a paper. Without asking me a single question other than a starting salary range and from reading a job posting here is what he wrote...

Survivor Profession #1 (Photojournalist)
Jeffrey Krauch

A photojournalist does what everyone would want to do, they carry a camera and get to shoot life. Every morning they would get an assignment and then they would go out and capture the film. After gathering the video footage they must go and edit their video. Although they must meet a deadline for daily news broadcast. Also they need to know how to work live trucks and editing equipment. They must be able to carry 40 pounds for a long time. To do all of this you must have a high school diploma and some college is preferred. Experience is usually required for T.V. news. The salary you will make will be anywhere from minimum wage to $25,000 a year. Now that's a lot of money (for us that is)! My step dad is an experienced photographer so he makes more than that! How lucky am I? Other experienced photographers can earn more too. What company could you work for? It doesn't matter, you could work for any T.V. station. The closest to me is FOX 8 WGHP. That's the best T.V. station ever and my step dad works for them. So that means that he works for the best. The reason I picked this job as mine is that my step dad does it. I would love to film people and life on live television in front of mostly the entire state. That would be the coolest thing to do if I can't make the NFL, NBA, or MLB. If you didn't know those are professional leagues. A photojournalist is a definite choice behind a professional player. That's not all. I also want to be it because they make a lot of money if you stay in it for a while. Also the reason I want to be a photojournalist is that I think my parents would be proud that I took over my step dads job of being a photojournalist. My step dad would be especially proud that I ,Jeffrey Krauch, his step son would take over his job as a photojournalist.

My oldest son, also a 7th grader, used to say he'd be a PJ one day, but in his version of the project he wants to be a lawyer. (!?)


Lenslinger said...

Sounds like it's time for an intervention. You bring the blooper reel, I'll bring the pepper-spray.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. My oldest started playing around with Dad's handi-cam at the impressionable age of two-and-a-half. I tried to nip that in the bud. I'd be proud if either of them followed me into the business...I just hope they aim for hall of the building where the real money is.

Brit said...

Is that really what a tv cameraman makes for a salary? That's less than a teacher's salary.

Anonymous said...

By the time your stepson gets into TV News, McDonalds will be the place to work because idiots like you try to glorify the job and are willing to do it for peanuts. Just think you started in 1993 and by 2013 you won't even clear 50 grand a year working 60plus hours a week making some ad. exec's BMW payment with your hide!