Sunday, November 19, 2006

Chris Daughtry-
In the Recording Studio-
Behind the Scenes

Back in the middle of October I wrote about the 30 hours I spent away from North Carolina traveling to LA and more recently I scribbled out a picture filled post about Chris Daughtry visiting our Fox 8 studios and what Shannon and Chris let slip during his morning show appearance.

Now just 2 days from the release of Chris Daughtry's much anticipated CD all of the work put into that 30 hour roadtrip is about to hit the airwaves taking you behind the scenes of Chris Daughtry in the recording studio. (Some of it is already on the web.)

LA TRIP (11)

Like any other task assigned to a TV News Photog, the LA trip was a lot of hurry up and wait. That's tough for me because I always like to be busy. It was 13 hours after I left the east coast that Shannon and I arrived at Bay 7 studios in Valley Village California where we met Chris Daughtry, Daughtry (the band) and Howard Benson, Chris' producer.

LA TRIP (43)

The studio really surprised me, being more like a little house than a studio. It had plenty of room yet had that cozy homelike feel with a kitchen and living room complete with a hi-def TV. And the list of bands and singers who've cut music there is phenomenal!

Bay 7 Client List

We started the shoot by sitting Chris Down and listening to 4 or the tracks from the CD and getting his thoughts on the music and then on everything that has happened in the past year. He says it's still all amazing to him.

LA TRIP (25)

After the sit down interview Chris had to warm up his voice to cut some more tracks for the song "There and Back Again" . I got a bunch of video (and snapshots) in this dark, little, tentlike sound booth that Chris has taken a liking to. He says it's where he finds his mojo.

LA TRIP (56)

It certainly will be neat to listen to that song and know that I was in there with him while he was cutting it.

LA TRIP (55)

On the other end was the little room with all the bells and whisltes and producer Howard Benson sitting at a high end Mac capturing the vocals and putting it all together.

LA TRIP (54)

Benson has produced such bands as Hoobastank, My Chemical Romance, Motorhead and The All American Rejects.

LA TRIP (33)

Now it's Chris Daughtry's turn with Benson and the prolific rock producer says Chris is the best raw talent he's ever worked with.

LA TRIP (38)

As Chris and Benson continued to put the finishing touches on the vocal tracks I wandered into the den where Daughtry (the band) was hanging out. There only duties for the day was to be in my video and a photo shoot that was also scheduled. They clowned around with an accoustic guitar making up funny lyrics to popular songs and then they surrounded Shannon and gave her their thoughts about Chris.

LA TRIP (57)

When Chris took a break from singing it was time for a photo shoot and to preview a song that was fresh back from the mastering process where an audio engineer mixes all the vocals and intruments to get just the right sound.

LA TRIP (46)

We were just about done at this point, having spent nearly 3 hours hanging out in the studio. We shot a few teases and we were done and headed to supper and then back to the airport to red eye back to Greensboro.

LA TRIP (32)

After my raw footage sat idle (no pun intended) for a month I was handed a script by Shannon Smith and it was time for the magic to begin. I spent a whole day last week whittling out a digital musical masterpiece from 180 minutes of footage. The resulting 5 minute story showcases Chris in the recording studio and showing off 4 of the songs from his upcoming CD.

LA TRIP (46)

I spent another partial day putting together 4 web only mini-stories about Chris' thoughts on the 4 songs he previewed for us and I still have to cut another Web Story so you can meet 'Daughtry' (the band). (And it's possible there may be a blooper reel in the works)

It's been a lot of work, but if you read here often you know that's what I live for.

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