Thursday, November 02, 2006

Eastern Guilford High School Fire
I Wasn't There!

Well, I missed it. The biggest local breaking news event of 2006 and I'm off working on a special (not Apartment X, Y or Z related) report. (UPDATE - Then for the next two days I'm on follow up patrol... HERE and HERE)

EG Fire (7)

I saw the smoke on the horizon while driving back to the station between shoots and reporter Eric White and I walked into the doors of the station to a barage of images that had us begging to drop our story and jump on this.

EG Fire (5)

But our co-workers had it well under control even before we knew what was going on. Our coverage of the fire started at 2:30pm and went COMMERCIAL FREE, non-stop, wall to wall, until 7:30. That, folks is RARE!

EG Fire (9)

I have to shout out to all my co-workers for an excellent job! This kind of story is extremely difficult work, the most stressful there is, and to be at it for 5 hours takes a toll.

EG Fire (81)

I hate that I missed it! I have a feeling I'll get follow up duty. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Chris, Your statoin did a GREAT job of keeping everyone updated on this story. I watched all three stations and FOX8 had, by far and away, the best video. Channel 2 did an admirable job... Channel 12 was left in the dust with graphics and roofcam shots. Good job.

Anonymous said...

I checked out WGHP's online video and was blown away. Great job