Thursday, November 02, 2006

Eastern Guilford High School Fire
The Day After

With 1-thousand or so students now without a place to go to school, and us headed back out to the scene to start day 2 of who knows how many days of follow up stories, I figured it would be fairly easy to find 'characters' to help us tell the story of Eastern Guilford High School.

School Fire (10)

The students, they came, the parents, they came too. They couldn't look away, they wanted to see and more importantly they wanted information.

It was all grand justification as to why we do this everyday, for this story today, this week, but ultimately for every story, big or small, that comes along. It's just that this is happening on such a grand scale that we can really get the feeling, through the massive amounts of feedback, that people are really out there watching what we are putting on the tube.

School Fire (2)

So today we continued the coverage in every newscast. I drove out to the scene about 9-30 to start my shift for noon, 5 and 6 o'clock coverage.

School Fire

Everyone did what they could to make their story look different.

School Fire (13)

Every station in this market and a couple from Raleigh and Charlotte were here covering the story.

School Fire (9)

Late in the day the fire chief in charge allowed us to get our trucks out of a water logged area that had been our coral and into a better, closer vantage point.

School Fire (8)

As the day drew into darkness, the story continued to evolve, with few real answers today, but with real developments right in front of our eyes.

School Fire (15)

A demolition contractor was brought in to begin the process of pushing the building to the ground.

School Fire (12)

I'm sure the coverage of the fire will continue hot and heavy (couldn't resist) for a while, so stay tuned, I'll try to make it different.


Billy Jones said...

How can fire investigators investigate the possibility of arson AFTER the school is in the bottom of a landfill?

Anonymous said...

My name is Brooke Fields. My brother and I went there and my sister and cousin graduated from there. we are all sad that the school burnt down. I was really heart broke because it was my school