Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Rookie

I had the pleasure of working with A-Rod today for the very first time since she joined our staff about 6 weeks ago. As our newest rookie reporter she's been doing a great job, jumping headfirst into the fray and pumping out Liveshots and packages like a veteran.

A Rod

Her real name is Angela Rodriguez and today she was treated with the triple play of TV Newsgathering. Live at Noon, 5 and 6 with a package in each.

A Rod 2

We started the day at 7am, leaving the station to cover what may well be the final stories on Eastern Guilford High School that burned down 2 weeks ago. The 9th and 10th graders are now back in class at the facility that formerly housed the Central NC School for the Deaf. We gathered footage of the kids headed into school in the morning and came back in the afternoon to ask them how the day went.

A Rod 3

All in all it was a painless day for the students and for A-Rod and I. There was a shortage of food during the students' lunch, and the school's sprawling campus had the kids running around a lot more than their scorched former school facility.

We wrapped up our afternoon conversation with the kids about 4-30 just in time to get to our 5 o'clock package edited and do the live and then we had an hour to get the 6 o'clock stuff done.

Pretty good triple play for a rookie!


Widescreen said...


Can see why you enjoyed A-Rod! She looks like great lens fodder.

It's a plus she can do her job as well as look good doing it.

AMO said...

Tell Angela hi and congrats for Dave and me! She was an AP at our station. She always went the extra mile coming in on her off time to learn how to report. She's awesome!