Thursday, July 12, 2007

Garfield's Birthday
Not the Cartoon

Today was Garfield's Birthday. Not the cat in the cartoon, but the kitty at the clinic.

Garfield (9)

Garfield arrived, abandoned actually, at the Guil-Rand Animal Clinic about 6 years ago. He was suffering from a BB Shot wound to his back and suffered nuerological injuries that kept him from being able to stand up without falling over.

Garfield (1)

Whoever left Garfield at the Clinic never came back for him and Garfield became the new King of the Clinic. It must have been fate because the previous clinic cat "pee'd on everything" and so he went to a new home.

Garfield (8)

Somehow the birthday party tradition was started and grew bigger everyear, with Garfields favorite humans coming to celebrate with him and while he get's trippy on the catnip and feather toys, the people have pizza, cake, chips, drinks and other snacks.

Garfield (5)

Garfield did rack up on the toys and treats. And the good news....all of his old toys, cushions and beds get donated to the rescue cats that call the clinic their temporary home.

Watch the Garfield Story HERE

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