Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Vacation 2007

I spent 2 weeks on vacation, returning to work just yesterday (Monday) and during the course of my time off I spent relatively little time watching TV, let alone seeing any news.

Sunrise on Manatee River

I didn't even have my laptop computer due to technical difficulties. (My kids broke it)

Kids 07

But I was in my hotel room Friday night and my heart sank when I saw the news from Phoenix and the helicopter crash.

I got caught up on all the details when I got home, watching and rewatching all the clips and analysis.

My heart certainly goes out to the families of those four.

I saw an interview today with the 14 year old son of Rick Krolak. That kid is holding up well. He loved his father and said he'd rather have 14 years with his father than 70 with anyone else. Wow!

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