Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lucky Trumps Good

I love it when a plan comes together.

Really. Well, Sort of.

I had a scheduled edit day for a consumer story that airs Friday but some surprise winter weather dumped several inches of snow - depending on the location - on the Triad of NC and therefore pulled me out of the edit bay and onto the streets...sans-reporter.

I was tasked with finding kids playing with whatever happened to be left of the snow as the sun shined down and the temperature cracked 35 degrees.

I was less than optimistic but I had a plan. My plan was simple. Get lucky. That's it.

I knew where the heaviest snowfall was so I drove to north Greensboro in search of a kid laden neighborhood. After driving through a few neigborhoods I finally found one where the houses looked promising.

Snow Day

I turned down a side street and then another...and that's where I saw THEM. One adult, two children, one sled. I crossed my fingers and wished silently that they were headed to a hill and not home from one.

My wish was granted. I gathered my footage over the course of about 40 minutes, getting as many different angles as sled runs they slid. After a few quick interviews, two impromptu snowball fights and more neighborhood children coming out to get on TV I had more than enough for good TV.

Back to the shop I had to log the disc, write the story, get a pretty voice to read the track, and edit. And I had given myself plenty of time...which is unusual for me.

The story aired at 5 and since weather was our lead, it was our lead story...a very featurish story about how kids spent their snowday.

Watch the Story HERE

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