Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whitey's Final Days

Eric "Whitey" White is in his final 3 days at WGHP and then he'll be movin on to bigger and better.


It was kind of like de ja vu getting up on the bride in the 40/85 work zone again....and it may just be the last time Whitey and I spend a work day together.


But it won't likely be the last time we hang out. We had a good time last Friday night midnight bowling with everyone from work...

...but we hope to have a good outing in Nashville again next year as Whitey works there and I only visit once a year.


Good workin' with ya Whitey!


Anonymous said...

Good working with you too Weav! I had the time of my life with you guys. We will keep in touch.


newshutr said...

So, you got up on a bride and it was deja vu? Memories of your honeymoon??

I know what you meant but your wife might not...