Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Film - The Verb
A Motion To Make Standard

Have you ever gotten bent out of shape when someone ask you what you're "filming"?

I ask as I raise my hand in affirmation. Yes, and I almost hate to admit it. For the longest it has been correct to consider our actions to be "taping" our subjects since we were using videotape. (Saying we're are "videoing" something never has really been catchy. )

XD Disc (3)

So I have to ask, what should we call it now? From professional gear down to the consumer level tape cameras are being quickly replaced by XD, P2 and a variety of hard drive or flash capture formats.

XDCam Doug

I can hear it now....What are you discing? What are you digitizing? What are you flashing? Uhm..no.

So here's what I think....let's go with what the dictionary says.

"Film the verb - to photograph with a motion-picture camera."

It doesn't specify what format...so that would cover the gamet of cameras on the streets today.

And hell, most people already say it like that anyway.

Do I have a Second?


Amanda said...

Well you could always use a quaint old term used in the early 1930's in the days of film.


Anonymous said...

Or.... Im making TEEVEE newz!!

turdpolisher said...

aquiring moving images.

Jay Michael said...

Second, third & fourth it! LOL

Or you can say it like they say it here in the south...

"I'm Fimmin'"