Monday, December 08, 2008

Wake Up Call
Death by Speed

It's my job. Take the call at all times of the night...this time 0430 with 3 hours of sleep...and respond. Much like the firefighters and rescue personel you can often fine me at the scene of accidents with deadly consequences.

This morning it was near High Rock lake where 2 young men perished when their speeding vehicle went out of control and ended up under water.

Friends of the pair found the skid marks leading to the water several hours after they went for a drive. I got the call after rescue personel were already suiting up to dive and confirm the worst.

I pulled up and spent 10 minutes shooting before a carefully worded deputy sheriff politely whisked me back to the newscar so they could bring the underwater tomb to the surface.

I spent the rest of my time standing in the 20 degree darkness straddling a skidmark, watching and listening while waiting for the State Trooper to tell me what the sounds around me had already confirmed.

I spent the rest of my day carefully traversing the middle of North Carolina on 3 hours of sleep. As always I'm sad for yet another family, especially this time of the year.

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