Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day - Inaugruation Day - Cold Day

It snowed today. I didn't take any pictures. Or Video. Instead I was planning to head to a local school and watch the kids watch Roberts and Obama mangle the constitution. Did I mention it snowed?


With my wife's pictures proving that school was OUT it was time for plan B. At first, to get a feature on what Wednesday Newspaper front pages would be like. That story got moved to another crew when their story fell apart.(Apparently their story fell apart due to lack of attendence and the refusal of the organizers to change the TV to our channel instead of our competition who wasn't even there. *SLAP*)

The Drive

So at 11:25 I was scrambling to find a child care center with more than 4 kids in the place that was willing to let me barge in and mic up a child, a teacher and the TV. And of course as soon as I'm about to roll into the parking lot of the agreeable YMCA I got the spot news call of the day.

Frozen Smith River

A child has fallen throught the ice into a river in Eden. Well, Eden is a 1 hour drive. But the roads were fine by that time so off I went. I got a call on the way that the child was out of the river so I kinda new that there wouldn't be much in the way of video by the time I arrived.


I was pretty much right. The child got out of the river on his own and was fine. Cold but fine. Not much in the way of video. The area where the kid fell in is out of visual sight. It's a place I'd been before for a previous news story about the town wanting to build a park.

Standing on the Trestle

I didn't think I was going to get any video until I found and almost hidden access drive to the old shut down railroad. Bingo. I had to walk the planks out to near the middle of the span to get a clean shot but it was worth it. Cold but worth it.

Me on RR

I found out where the kid lived but no one would answer the door. I could hear them moving around inside, even saw the blinds being lowered as I walked up but they didn't answer. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that the 8 year old that fell in and his 6 year old brother were 300 yards from home at a frozen river...ALONE. The Eden Police say they're working on that.

So for inauguration day 08...I drove 125 miles and produced 30 seconds of TV.



turdpolisher said...

that sounds like history! glad to hear you made yourself useful.

newshutr said...

You're kidding me...? They canceled school over THAT?????

Dude....I've got 21" of snow in my backyard and they didn't even delay...!!