Friday, August 07, 2009

Murder in Greensboro

Although I spent my Tuesday afternoon at the Hickory Trails neighborhood murder I had other assignments the rest of the week and never had to go back for a follow up.


This is the same neighborhood where a bullet came through a wall and hit a little girl just 5 days earlier....and the murder was just a short walk behind that apartment.


This morning I saw an email with a link to a video. A city council candidate went over to the neighborhood to see what was going on after the city mangager squashed an official city gathering in the neighborhood as "too dangerous".


"Balderdash", I can imagine this particular city council candidate saying. Upon arriving in the neighborhood he found himself face to face with neighborhood teens who were more than happy to lead him to the grieving mother and then took him to the scene of the crime.

(disclaimer - As a working journalist - I'm not, don't and can't endorse a candidates running for office....even if I don't live in his don't take this post as any kind of endorsment.)

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Anonymous said...

seems like local bloggers are giving ryans interview alot of coverage. This should definitely help him in October.
Good move ryan!