Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stories that Touch the Heart

Some Stories that we do are just special. Not because I shot good video. Not because I gathered great audio. Not because I wrote and edited the video and audio into a nice little package.

No. Some stories just touch the heart in a special place. It's when you make that connection with the subject of the story.

Today was the third time I've interviewed Evelyn Harris. Her son Josh was a Navy Seal and he died in Afghanistan in August 2008....last year this week.

His death was just 3 months after the death of my cousin Davy who's convoy ran over an IED in Afghanistan in May, 2008.

I first interviewed Josh's Mom and Dad at a Friday Night Football Game at Lexington High School where he played football in the late 80s.

I saw his parents again at the Memorial Day festivities in Thomasville where they were guests of honor and were presented a special plaque.

Josh was an artist. He went to Davidson College (the 4 year college near Charlotte) and majored in Art. He then went to UNC Charlotte to get his Masters in Architecture but decided in his last semester to join the NAVY and he set his sight on becoming as SEAL.

After his death his family was looking through his art and found a lot of art that they'd never seen that Josh has just stored away.

Today I met up with Josh's Mom and his twin sister Kiki. They were at Davidson County Community College bringing Josh's newly framed artwork to put out for everyone to see how talented Josh was.

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