Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anchor's Away
Cindy Flies Loops

I accompanied our morning anchor Cindy Farmer to Winston-Salem on Wednesday to story that only comes along every so often.

ANG Cindy Flies 005

Well really, everytime an airshow comes along the PR machine spins up to give journalists a little airtime in exchange for a little, well, airtime.

ANG Cindy Flies 007

But as a photojournalist it's the luck of the draw to be chosen for the assignment.

ANG Cindy Flies 009

The assignment was to hop in a plane with no door and videotape Cindy in the Aerobatic Extra S300 as she and Major John Klatt did looptie-loops, barrell rolls and hammerheads. No Problem...just strap me in.

ANG Cindy Flies 001

They did. I was attached via a full body harness and a tether to the plane's frame.

ANG Cindy Flies 016

My only intructions from the airshow staff...don't cross through the threshold of the could pull you out of the plane...and we don't know if we could get you back in. They laughed.

ANG Cindy Flies 025

Anyway...Cindy pulled her G's and I rack focused and snapped zoomed to a tee. And to make it even better they provided us with a tape from the in-cockpit video camera and it came complete with audio. SCORE!

ANG Cindy Flies 017

So with all that footage and audio in hand, I spent today locked away in an edit bay and this is what it became....

And then of course there are what we call Web-Extras....the extended versions of our day...

Here's more of the footage I took from the Chase Plane....

Here's more of the footage from the in-cockpit camera...

Here's Cindy's attempt to take the controls...

And what did Cindy think of the flight? What do you think since she can't wipe that grin off her face?

See more of the picture we took HERE

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