Thursday, October 08, 2009

When News Breaks
Winston-Salem Cops Shot

When news broke Wednesday morning that 2 Winston-Salem Police Officers had been shot news crews from around the Triad Converged on the scene at Peter's Creek Parkway and at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, where the injured officers were taken.

That's where I first landed, with Shannon Smith taking the helm in front of the camera, delivering details, freshly gathered, trickling in.


After the noon I headed over to the Police Department for the 2:30 press conference where some of the details of what happened were going to be released.


Our Ops Manager Timmy Hawks and I carried, dragged and hauled 3 cases, 1 cable reel, a tripod and extension cords up to the third floor fo the PD so that we could use our portable digital transmitter to send a live signal back to the station to carry the press conference LIVE. Photojournalist Kenny Cravens manned the camera at the other end of a short cable run.


With that accomplished it was time to look ahead to the 5 and 6 o'clock newscasts.


Main Anchor Neill McNeill joined us across the street from the scene. The "us" was our Winston-Salem Crew, reporter Brent Campbell and photojournalist Kenny Cravens who were on scene from the get go....producing several stories through 5 and 6 o'clock.


Photojournalist Joe McCloskey (took a lot of these pix for me)and reporter Shelby Baker brought the second Live Truck and worked out of it to produce a few stories in short order.

Another Crew was still back at the Hospital keeping up with any updates at that location.


With 3 crews, 3 Live Trucks, Neil anchoring from the field and 1 recieve site in range we parked two of the trucks side by side and Brent went Live along side Neill on top of one truck as I shot from the other.


The view from on top of the truck was perfect to get a look down into the parking lot of the scene across the street....and other than the case with the LCD monitor taking a tumble all the way to the ground....everything went smoothly. (TV Still works if you can believe that!)


Live at 5, 5:30, and 6 with several teases in between and we were done....though I think this story will last for several News Cycles.


Don Moore said...

Nice photos; but what's the deal about standing on the roof?? I thought that was no longer allowed under OSHA rules.

Joel said...

Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. I'm a photog up in the Philly market and we've been told we're not allowed on truck roofs due to OSHA rules. Some of the trucks have a locked metal plate blocking access to the ladder that leads to the roof.

Anonymous said...

Our new vans don't even have a platform on the roof. Fireable offense for us for anything other than emergency purposes.

Sharon said...

Great news team for delivering fresh and accurate news updates.

Tracy, Status Now